Set training maps

We offer training maps in special form like a poster with Tatra Mountains and touristic map surroundings. The special price from 1th March is only 1 EUR.

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Accommodation offers from our partners. From the private, cottages, camping, to the very exclusive hotel for the discerning. For modest accommodation offered in the gym. More information will be in the rules of the Competition.

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Prices will be given to absolute winners of all categories of all stages. We may also have attractive prizes as a surprise. The worst placed runner will get a consolation prize as an encouragement.


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Free entry fee

Share and give a like to our event on Facebook and get free entry. Send a print screen to our email. We will draw runners which will get free entry.

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T-shirt raffle

We offer t-shirts with motive of the race. for all the participants who buy shirts will be raffle with attractive prices.
With the participation of more than 300 contestants draw lots from all competitors.


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Model 4

Tatry orienteering 2017 introduction

We invite all orienteering fans to experience a new map in the Tatra National Park. The new location provides a beautiful technical terrain with a beautiful view of the Tatra peaks. 4 stages in this field thoroughly examine the experience of even the best runners. We also invite you on a rich additional activities: different sports, fun activities or individual training on training maps.

Model 5

Places of interest Additional activities

Liptov and Tatras region are the most visited regions by tourists in Slovakia. In addition to the race you can visit museums, caves, water parks and many others.

You can find more information about additional activities here or here

Model 6

WATER PARKS Additional activities

Visitors can use the services of several aquaparks or swim in natural lakes and water reservoirs.

Model 6

Adrenaline activities after the race

Try sightseeing flights over the most beautiful part of Slovakia, jump from a plane with a parachute, or fly in the wind tunnel.